November 2019 Favorites

I am a week late but they say better late than later (never), right? =)) Last week was one of those weeks when there's not much going on but I just didn't feel like writing. Honestly, it's one of my setbacks from my previous blogs. This is my fourth if I remember correctly and the… Continue reading November 2019 Favorites

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London November 2019 Part 1

I know I flooded people with my Instagram posts of our London trip last week but I'm still here writing about it =)). It's our first travel as husband and wife! The last time we traveled was way back in 2013 for a winter in South Korea with friends. The rest were domestic travels around… Continue reading London November 2019 Part 1

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Lunch Date at La Campagna Bar & Restaurant

One Saturday, the husband decided to date me in a restaurant before going grocery shopping. Before we got married, we only see each other during Saturdays and dates are usually just dinner or dinner plus movie. The movie selection in Malmesbury Town Hall is limited so it's just eating out that day but for lunch… Continue reading Lunch Date at La Campagna Bar & Restaurant

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Indian Take Away: Malmesbury Tandoori

The husband and I usually go out during Saturdays and come back late after attending mass so it doesn't give me enough time to cook. So we decided that Saturdays will most likely (always?) be a take away dinner. There are three take away places that go on rotation for our take away nights and… Continue reading Indian Take Away: Malmesbury Tandoori