October 2019 Favorites

October finished like a blur but I didn’t forget to note my favorites during that month. 🙂


I love her whimsical Instagram feed! She’s been working on some YouTube videos as well and her content is very relatable (hello fellow camera awkward girl). I especially love her photos with flowers inside her shoes, socks, and sleeves, those that overlay anything for “wings”, and illustrations using coffee beans, leaves, flowers, sugar, you name it!

Hot Water Bottle from Wilko

Since winter is near, I’ve been searching for a lot of things that will keep me warm apart from turning the heater on. I was actually looking for a hot compress for my menstrual cramps when I discovered that they’re called “hot water bottles” here. When I searched for the exact words, I noticed that it has a wide market here because of the cold weather. Hot water bottles are sold with fleece covers, knitted covers, and even stuffed toys for kids. I just decided to buy one from Wilko. The online site says it’s 6 pounds but I remember buying that at a lesser price in store.

Knitted Slipper Boots from Next

Here’s the exact same style I have. Both the site and the Pinterest image confirm that the pair is under the Boys (Older) category =)) They look unisex to me and my husband anyway haha. We went to Swindon Outlet Stores 2 weeks ago looking for winter coats. We passed through Next and found this being sold for only £1! It’s the last one left at the rack at size 7. Bought it even though it’s big for me lol. So far it works, but since it’s loose, cold air still seeps in. It’s still better than my rubber slippers. 😎

Coffee & Walnut Cake from The Summer Cafe

I don’t have the actual photo but it tastes really good! Husband approves as well but he’s biased to coffee flavors although he doesn’t drink coffee. It’s super moist that I wanted devour all and not leave some for hubby to taste lol. It was a spontaneous visit to the cafe and I decided to get cake. I wanted to stay for a while because it was hot and toasty inside with their heaters in full blast but had to leave and go back the house since I ordered it as take away. If I go back there, I would order that again!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and had family time along with visiting departed loved ones like we used to in the Philippines. 🙂

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