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Lunch Date at La Campagna Bar & Restaurant

One Saturday, the husband decided to date me in a restaurant before going grocery shopping. Before we got married, we only see each other during Saturdays and dates are usually just dinner or dinner plus movie. The movie selection in Malmesbury Town Hall is limited so it’s just eating out that day but for lunch instead. We like going to Swindon or Chippenham for movies but we prefer Chippenham which I wrote about here.

There are a couple places near High Street and our first choice was The Birdcage because we love anything Italian but it was full even though it’s past lunch time. We then went to La Campagna at Oxford St., a short walk from The Birdcage.

The restaurant has nice rustic interiors. I especially liked the light fixtures and tried to picture it in our future forever home. Restaurant interior: instagrammable. 😀

We ordered two mains, one pizza and one pasta. I think I mentioned already that UK have big servings in all dining places and it’s not usually for sharing. I was served with the pasta while my husband was served with the pizza so we just got from each other’s plates. 😀 Dishes were freshly made, hot and steaming when served. 👌

Penne al forno della casa (£12.95)
Chicken, roasted peppers, mushrooms in creamy parmesan sauce baked in the oven.

I love chicken and that’s the first thing I look for in the menu. Husband always tells me I’ll be growing wings with all the chicken I eat. Didn’t matter though because I said “hmmmm” during the first bite and I think he did as well. 😂 It was creamy and cheesy but lacked the saltiness I was looking for. Of course that’s what the salt and pepper shakers are for but being a true Filipino that do not season served food except for dipping sauces, I ate it as is and so did my husband.

Rosa caprino (£12.95)
Goats cheese, caramelised balsamic onions, roasted peppers, tomato, mozarella, oregano

More often than not, I’ll look for bell peppers in a pizza I’ll order but the true winner here are the balsamic caramelised onions. Really really good (lol this is why I can’t be a food blogger 😂). Can’t say anything else but that we loved it so much we would order it again if we come back.

Will we come back? Of course! I think the place is best for date / chill nights because it’s a restaurant and a pub in one. Photos below of the lunch daters. 😀

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