Malmesbury in Autumn

It’s the season of shedding! Green leaves are turning yellow to orange to brown. Although autumn means the “death” of leaves from a lot of trees, it’s still the most beautiful season to me with spring coming in second.

Back in the Philippines, we only see fire trees just before the rainy season starts. It’s the closest color of autumn that we get since we are a tropical country. The locations where fire trees stood are limited so I totally enjoyed taking a lot of photos here because of the accessible park and trees around. I love parks even though they make me miss our fur babies back home.

Autumn is nearly coming to a close and we are feeling colder than usual now. Although it means shedding dead leaves and leaving some trees barren, it also means that shedding them will help them grow new leaves again. Autumn reminds me of Ben & Ben. 🙂

Leaves will soon grow from the bareness of trees and all will be alright in time.

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