My 10 Year Career Journey

WARNING: LONG READ BECAUSE I GOT CARRIED AWAY 😛 It's been a decade! My first day at work was September 1, 2009 at Hewlett Packard. It was a happy job because I spent 4 months looking for work. I felt discouraged because most of my batch mates were already employed that time and I was… Continue reading My 10 Year Career Journey


Hormones, Self Love, and Word Vomit (Again)

Lately, I've noticed how irritable I am. I'm aware that I get pissed off easily but I can't do anything to stop it, most likely due to red days. 😦 I know a lot of women experience the same thing and this really accurate video from Glamour describes how we go through the cycle over… Continue reading Hormones, Self Love, and Word Vomit (Again)


Limliwa Beach Resort, Zambales

Missing the beach! The weather's a total pain in the ass for my allergic rhinitis because it's the transition from summer to rainy season. I've been bitching about itchy eyes and nose for days now and I'm pulling out the final weapon I have in my stash: Antihistamine. 😦 So since I wanted a pick-me-up… Continue reading Limliwa Beach Resort, Zambales