Hormones, Self Love, and Word Vomit (Again)

Lately, I’ve noticed how irritable I am. I’m aware that I get pissed off easily but I can’t do anything to stop it, most likely due to red days. 😦 I know a lot of women experience the same thing and this really accurate video from Glamour describes how we go through the cycle over and over again.

I can’t empathize enough with the video but it’s really true! I’ve had days that I can’t take my eyes off the mirror because my skin is glowing and days I hate when the only available pair of jeans in my closet is the high waist one when I’m really really bloated. It sounds like women are crazy with the all the hormonal changes monthly but also super extra by juggling work, family, friends, and self love in between.

Speaking of self love, I recently watched a GRWM video of Verniece Enciso, half of V&V Enciso sisters. It’s totally a plug of Cream Silk’s new product but I did not stop watching because Verniece shared about her lovelife which she rarely does unlike her sister Vern.

She shared how she had trust issues because her first and second boyfriends cheated on her. The first one with a girl, the second one with a guy. 😐 The very thing that struck me from what she said was:

I get that now, in the world revolving around social media, a lot of teens are realizing this late and it’s sad to hear about the high numbers of bullying, depression, and suicide happening. The pressure of being pretty or handsome, relevant, and whatever the media dictates is so high that I’m worried what we’ll do when my husband and I become parents one day. Validation comes from the number of likes or comments on a post, by the number of reposts and when people call you “influencer.” I understand now why Tricia G. (my all time favorite blogger storyteller) quit blogging for work. And I really believe that what Verniece said needs to be taken to heart.

I think women get more pressure than men because the media portrays us to be something that we need to be and I’m thankful that I’m way past looking for validation at the wrong places. It comes with age, of titahood I guess. Probably because 90s kids weren’t born with Fiber internet, Instagram, and YouTube.

A food for thought, how do you tell a person that he or she is worth it?

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