If I Were a Judge at Idol PH

I would probably get a lot of hate from this post but I cannot, CANNOT let this day pass not writing my thoughts on the contestants’ performances. I don’t have a favorite “idol” and I base my comments on the weekly live shows. Also, I am NOT an expert, I am just an enthusiast lol. 😎

I basically have one group chat with former office colleagues turned good friends (YEHESSSSS) that gets really active during the live shows because of me probably – wuw conversation starter. 😀 I like watching the previous franchises like Pilipinas Got Talent, The Voice PH, and Your Face Sounds Familiar. Those shows were my weekend slow down ones. Yes, I’m not much into Netflix and chill.

Anyway, back to Idol PH. As mentioned, I love watching similar shows but I’ve never seen a batch that feels so raw and amateurish(?). I even heard Vice comment that the idol must need not be the best technical singer out there, but the most relatable one. In short, dapat bentable. The coaches received a lot of flak during the auditions by not getting those with raw talent. In terms of technicality, we all know Regine Velasquez is the most credible of the four. I’m a bit 50/50 on their decision to add James and Moira, but Vice Ganda? Including Vice actually shows the very goal of Idol Philippines, finding the star quality by the total package. If it was just voice that they’re looking for, that’s not Idol Philippines, that should be the The Voice PH. Moira’s new to the industry, went through the same competitions herself but I didn’t really see the value of her comments during the auditions. It seems that she’s repeating what the others said although from tonight’s episode, I’ve seen how she has evolved on comments and know that her strong points are on being an empath (check out her comment on Miguel’s performance). James on the other hand had more to say during the auditions but live shows? Meh. Apart from not adding a cue on his comments so Billy can thank him properly, he seems to be always lost for words. It could’ve been the performances but it’s been repeating since the start of live shows and he seems out of it. He’s also a newbie in the industry but the difference is he had put up his own recording company and produced his own album. I think he was the first mainstream experimental artist that veered away from the usual teeny bopper songs because, well, he can. So I think Idol PH was looking for the fresh, total package, and some voice quality because let’s face it, if we put the masters and veterans there, it will be very technical and the output will be the usual balladeers and “biriteras.” Other artists that I think should’ve been a judge are Kyla, KZ Tandingan, Yeng Constantino, Morisette, Erik Santos, and Jed Madela. Had a hard time for men because we don’t have much experimental artists here. Probably Bamboo but he’s already at The Voice PH.

Okay. So let me complete the statement now from my post title through quick reviews on the contestants’ performances. AGAIN, I am not an expert, and we are all entitled to our own opinions. =))

FATIMA – good start on Kathang Isip by Ben&Ben but she did a really bad bridge especially on the line “Kakalimutan ang lahat….” I really think Fatima’s genre is for upbeat music which I believe James pointed out last week. I also think that Megan Trainor songs fit her voice.

LANCE – I liked his performance of Sana by I Belong to the Zoo. Although I prefer that song on a deeper voice and Lance is like Christian Bautista’s one. To me, it was just okay. He could probably do some Shawn Mendez in the future.

ZEPHANIE – She did a song from her previous mentor Sarah Geronimo entitled Isa Pang Araw. I think that song is tough because of the fast notes transitions and Zephanie didn’t hit some including that last high “Pwede ba…” She also usually has the cleanest performances weekly because she sings safe, not much of arrangement changes.

SHELAND – I actually liked the start of her version of Hindi Na Nga by This Band. I was hoping she would keep things more simple but towards the end she did it again, made lots of adlibs in successive high notes it made me cringe. 😦 It would have been better if she did not put all those there. I do not agree with Vice’s comment on “awra” and “fake” and Regine obviously doesn’t know the song lol.

DAN – The Boyce Avenue of the Philippines who’s straining his throat when singing high notes when he did Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw by December Avenue feat. Moira. His performance to me was just, I don’t know. That. Nothing much special because he does the same thing weekly and probably because that’s his style.

ELLE – A friend and I noticed that Elle’s singing wrong lyrics from the Story of My Life by One Direction. She was doing a lot of movement and has jeopardized her singing. I love the arrangement though, it sounded very much like something The Ransom Collective would play.

MIGUEL – I love his voice but he’s still a bit awkward on stage. Morisette was correct when she mentioned that Miguel had to work on how he relays the message for such a powerful song as Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara. He’s improving but not yet there.

LUCAS – Best surprise for this weekend! I loved his runs, malinis, tama lang, walang labis walang kulang. And I’m probably biased because I love hearing Tagpuan being sung by a guy. The previous weeks he was just okay but tonight he earned my vote (LOL – but really, I voted!). I found a tweet by Erik Santos though saying that he loves Lucas’ performance but the emotion didn’t get to him. I wanted to know more why is that because even Morisette had the same feedback.

SO… on the results tonight, bottom three for me is really Fatima, Sheland, and Elle. Elle was saved tonight so let’s see what she’ll do next weekend. A lot of people are actually saying that Fatima and Sheland are dark horses of the competition. Possible. If both of them would be able to find their sound, Fatima securing her genre and Sheland stopping successive high notes, they would.

This is the longest I’ve written!!! See you next week. 🙂

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