Limliwa Beach Resort, Zambales

Missing the beach! The weather's a total pain in the ass for my allergic rhinitis because it's the transition from summer to rainy season. I've been bitching about itchy eyes and nose for days now and I'm pulling out the final weapon I have in my stash: Antihistamine. đŸ˜¦ So since I wanted a pick-me-up… Continue reading Limliwa Beach Resort, Zambales


Random Throwback, Beaches, and Struggles

Posting late because I went out of town last weekend. Rainy season's just around the corner and we just decided to head out and get some sun. Didn't get to tan than I hoped for but it's still vitamin D so as I long as there are visible tan lines, I'm good. =)) I realized… Continue reading Random Throwback, Beaches, and Struggles