Random Throwback, Beaches, and Struggles

Posting late because I went out of town last weekend. Rainy season’s just around the corner and we just decided to head out and get some sun. Didn’t get to tan than I hoped for but it’s still vitamin D so as I long as there are visible tan lines, I’m good. =))

I realized that my last beach trip (that’s not rainy) was way back 2016 in Cagbalete, Quezon so here’s a quick throwback from the weekend warriors.

Hello sunburned cheeks!
Sunsets by the beach are the best.

I’m not gonna post anything about last weekend, I’ll save that for the next one but I wanted to look back 3 years ago. Here’s more from the #coolkids LOL.

Sandbar chill.

Two photos above grabbed from @janrosantos.

You’re probably wondering why we called ourselves #coolkids. It’s because of the “cool kids” that went to Cagbalete the same weekend we did. I remember one girl trying to roll her luggage through the rocky sand and we were like, WTF is she doing bringing luggage on an island? Anyway, that was just a side story and an inside joke we never got over with.

Continuing with the reminiscing, this beach trip was like a crossover ceremony. Back then, I was about to start working for a new company. This trip was sandwiched between my last working day with company A and my first working day with company B. Didn’t complain much because that trip actually made me feel refreshed. Fast forward to three years, I now enjoy staying home during weekends. Well except for that recent beach trip. I think it’s okay to indulge once in a while. đŸ˜€

That was a good weekend, the trip where we cooked sinigang over coal, fried the almost spoiled sinigang the morning after for breakfast (because no electricity means to refrigerator), and used someone’s else’s wooden spoon to mix our cooking rice. I realized that’s all food I talked about so of course the actual beach is remarkable. It was low tide in the afternoon! We can walk to the sandbar because the water’s just through our ankles. We can walk further and reach the Bonsai Island without struggle. Of course the next day the water’s back, knee high and enough to make you increase your efforts of walking.

I remember “when life gives you lemons, make lemonades” from our almost spoiled sinigang turned breakfast bacon. I remember going through smooth days just like walking through ankle deep water. I remember other not so smooth days when you had to struggle a bit because the challenges are up until your knees. Life will always have good days and bad days, and it’s up to us to take it one step a time.

Didn’t see that coming? Me too, I’m rambling! And this is definitely a filler post, I’ll do better haha. See you next week!

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