Hello, Goodbye

Nope, not related to Alden Richard and Kathryn Bernardo’s movie =))

It’s the fourth month of August, I am officially unemployed. I left the IT world again, my shortest stint for a regular employment so far at one year and four months, because of an opportunity that we cannot let pass. If you’ve been reading my blog from the start (THANK YOU!), I talked about this scary jump in this post and it’s finally happening!

During my last working week, I was asked by a colleague if I’m sad to leave and I honestly said no. It’s not because I don’t like working there, but because I think I enjoyed working there that I was able to leave good memories behind. Also, leaving means being with the hubba so, nope, I’m not sad. =))

The ITSMO team set up a surprise despedida party for me in the office and gave me two gifts that I’ll use for the cold weather in the other side of the world.

I was asked by the team to do a short speech lol. But what I said was true. In my almost 10 years of corporate experience, I never had horror stories with teams I belong to, I’m always lucky because I get to find friends and I know it’s the same here.

A week prior my last working day, my Service Transition team also setup a get together to play Wolf. I had a horrible TMJ relapse after that night because of excessive talking and laughing. =)) It’s such a wonderful feeling to share everything I’ve learned the past years while working and I hope they can use a thing or two further in their careers.

Like what I said in my last email, I may leave the workplace but the friendships built will truly remain. Thank you everyone and see you around!

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