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London November 2019 Part 1

I know I flooded people with my Instagram posts of our London trip last week but I’m still here writing about it =)).

It’s our first travel as husband and wife! The last time we traveled was way back in 2013 for a winter in South Korea with friends. The rest were domestic travels around the Philippines along with friends as well. We did some travels on our own but those were to attend destination weddings of friends. So I was excited to go on tour again and test our touring laziness. LOL.

British weather is not always true to forecast and it can change at the last minute. Days before we leave, we were shown all tour days with rain which dampened our spirits because: one, we don’t like to bring an umbrella; and two, my canvas shoes are not ready for rain. I don’t have boots right now and I had no plans buying before the trip so I just told myself, “Manalig ka!” which means keep the faith… that it’s not going to rain =)) And it didn’t! Well not until the third day which wasn’t so bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

Our first destinations were the London bridges. It was a good call to go there at night and see them illuminated. We crossed the London Tower bridge, walked along the side of Tower of London and ate some caramelised peanuts, and then crossed the London Bridge to go back.

London Tower Bridge
Tower of London from the other side
London Bridge

The long walks left us cold and hungry that we had to find Mercato Metropolitano quickly. Travel tip: don’t buy bottled water before going there as they are not allowed.

The place has a roof (hooray because there was a light drizzle that night) and outside tables with some torch heating. We ended up sharing stuff to eat because cheese made us full ๐Ÿ˜€

Told you we were overloaded with cheese that night.

Enjoyed a little bit of live music as well. They have performers every Wednesday night starting at 7:30 pm. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you’re enjoying so far!

Next Stops: Natural History Museum and Camden Town

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