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Indian Take Away: Malmesbury Tandoori

The husband and I usually go out during Saturdays and come back late after attending mass so it doesn’t give me enough time to cook. So we decided that Saturdays will most likely (always?) be a take away dinner. There are three take away places that go on rotation for our take away nights and one of them is Malmesbury Tandoori.

It’s an Indian take away place along High Street that’s near our place so it’s perfect for the husband’s curry cravings. He loves spicy food while I don’t because it triggers my acid reflux. Locals usually call for their orders and show up during their pick up schedule. They are open 7 days a week from 5PM to 11PM. Curry for midnight snack?

We’ve always ordered Chef’s Special Curry since I came here because it isn’t spicy. It has cilantro leaves and white onions on top, about 6 or 8 pieces of chicken breast slices, half hard boiled egg, and all that curry goodness. Super yum and no hint of spiciness at all. The special also means it goes with pilau rice. This order is for two people already indicated as (L) in the menu but I guess when you’re hungry, it’s a feast for one.

Chef’s Special Curry including the Pilau Rice £8.15
Pilau Rice

Husband ordered papadoms the first time but I find it too salty to dip with the leftover curry sauce. I need taste balance in everything I eat and my taste buds can’t handle strong on strong flavors. The other one has to be milder and can break the strong flavor, else I’ll stop eating. Hope you get what I mean =)). That’s why the second time we ordered, I requested for naan instead of papadoms. They’re bigger than our heads. =)) I see papadom and papadum and I honestly don’t know the correct spelling. 😦

Last Friday, we decided for a take away outside our schedule because I do not have the energy to cook. I’ve been cooped up in bed the whole afternoon due to dysmennorhea (TMI?). Anyway, husband ordered the same thing but just with plain naan because it’s massive and we can split it between us. He told me that the guy from Tandoori mentioned that they changed the naan but didn’t understand what it was about and just took the order. =)) So I investigated (lol) and found out that instead of plain, they gave us peshwar naan. It’s honestly the best thing ever apart from them giving us a nice treat, hehe. Suki! The naan is the same flatbread but this time, it has fillings of dried fruit and desiccated coconuts. Totally gave me the feels of Pandecoco back home! It’s still a good pair with the leftover curry sauce after eating all the chicken with the pilau rice. I will definitely request hubby for peshwari naan next time!

I love curry but I can’t handle it when it’s really spicy. Do you like Indian food? 🙂

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