London November 2019 Part 2

I’m greeting late but… Merry Christmas!

It was a good 4 weeks since I posted the part 1 of our London tour because December was really a busy month! Celebrated my birthday during the first week, had two parties the following two weeks, and I was moved to lunch time shift at work. I was catching up on episodes of Vagabond, a Korean series, and The Killer Bride, a Filipino series while doing my knitting project in between. Since Christmas has passed, I get to have more downtime so here I am!

Husband and I loved the parks and on our way to the train station, we passed by Brook Gren Park near our hotel. There were dogs playing in the area and they made us miss or dogs back in the Philippines 😦

The second day’s first agenda was the Natural History Museum. We haven’t been able to enter yet but it’s facade already had me blown away. The architecture is absolutely beautiful!

The main lobby boasts of the Hope, the blue whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling. Interiors are beautiful as well. I can take pictures all day!

It’s my first time to see dinosaur fossils. There seems to be a field trip in the museum as well so we have kids observing and reading information about the installations. The difference is, they have questionnaires to answer and we have none. :p

The husband had fun doing videos with the dinos and posing with the mammals. I won’t flood you will all those outtakes though. 😀

We also found the Museum of the Moon Exhibit. It was a big round ball in the middle of a conference room with projected moon surface. The image was surreal. The room is actually open for hour based renting. Imagine hosting an event here with the big moon in the middle.

After spending two and a half hours in the museum, we traveled to Camden Town for our late lunch. The town is vibrant of colors in graffiti style with a lot of shops selling branded items, handmade ones, and souvenirs. I think it’s also where a lot of Londoners buy their street wear of rock, punk, goth, and everything black. Bought my newsboy cap in this area as well.

The market is the star of this town for us. Had our mouths watering for food and we wanted to order a lot. The problem for people who get cold easily (like me) is that they don’t have indoor dining and outdoor heating unlike Mercato Metropolitano which I blogged about on the first part of this blog series. The food kept me warm and full so I was still happy despite being cold. LOL.

After stuffing ourselves, we then rode the train to St. Pancras to watch the Dashboard Confessional concert with Cory Wells as the front act. It’s the best concert I’ve ever attended because the crowd is small and the venue is a church which gives a good reverb without using the sound system. Intimate concerts are the best!

After the concert, we went to King’s Cross station to take the obligatory Platform 9 and 3/4 photo. It was 11:30 PM and there weren’t any props anymore but it also meant no lines and fee. Pats our back for being cheap. =))

And that’s it for our second day! It was more jam packed than part 1 and hope I was able to virtually take you with us through this post. 😀

Next stop: Buckingham Palace and Green Park

2 thoughts on “London November 2019 Part 2”

  1. The Natural History Museum looks like an amazing place to explore, I bet my soon to be 4year old would absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing, I hope you had a lovely festive season. Wishing you a very Happy New Year ❄️⛄ Aiva


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