First Time Knitting a Beanie

Last month, I decided to learn a new skill simply because I was surfing the Internet for beanies. I realized that I should’ve brought my crochet needles with me because UK has the perfect weather to do crochet projects! Since I didn’t bring them, I decided to buy knitting needles. I thought to myself, “If I’m gonna buy tools, I might as well buy ones that I don’t have yet.” So armed with a new goal in mind, I head to Malmesbury’s local library to borrowed a knitting book and then looked online for knitting supplies.

I discovered Hobbycraft while looking for specialized sites for crafting because Amazon UK doesn’t offer much on knitting. Hobbycraft is a crafter’s haven and yes, I hoarded yarn. LOL. They provide free shipping to orders amounting to £20 and above. I was overwhelmed with tools and I settled for 5mm plastic knitting needles, Aran yarn, and 2 ply yarns. NOT A GOOD DECISION. Knitting beginners, please get bigger knitting needles and chunky yarns!

My first rows were wobbly, needles keep on sliding, fingers tangled, yarns slipping and fraying. I thought it’s gonna be easy because I know crochet but no! It took a while for me to find my rhythm but I got there anyway. Persistence and practice are key to success!

I’ve discovered that the Aran yarn wasn’t that warm. I should’ve chosen chunky yarns for beanie projects but I’ll make the most of my SEVEN skeins. *cough* hoarder *cough*

Finally done with my beanie after 238473284 years. LOL. I really think that my pompom is small but husband says it’s okay. What do you think?

I remember South Park from this photo.: D New skill unlocked! Off to make the husband his beanie this time in black. Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to finish it faster than I did mine. 🙂

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