What’s Your Definition of Success?

Can you believe that my original data plan 5 years ago only has 750 MB for consumption? When I got an iPhone, I had to change my plan with a higher data allocation and there I discovered why a lot of people think my 750 MB is ridiculously low. My past time during my daily commutes consist of scrolling through endless Facebook videos. I’ve discovered Nas Daily from there and then last Friday, I saw one episode of a new segment by her girlfriend called How to Life? by Dear Alyne. Her first episode is actually with Nas entitled “How to Succeed.”

It’s a very interesting topic knowing that Nas has been able to raise money through making and posting videos every single day for 1000 days. To say that he’s earning 50,000 to 100,000 dollars a month is insane but when he was asked the question “Do you think you’re successful?” he answered it with a “I had some success, but I don’t think I’m successful.” That made me realize how we can all define success differently.

If you asked the newly graduated, job hunting me 10 years ago, my definition of success would be based on getting a stable job, earning money, and being able to buy all my needs and my wants. Somewhere along the way, my definition changed and I think that molded me into the person I am now. To me, being successful now also means sticking to your values no matter what and hopefully passing on that values to our future children. Being successful means not looking at other people’s progress and comparing theirs to yours. Being successful means defining one’s future and molding it towards one’s goals.

So I’ve defined my success, how do I get there? Nas discussed two things as my takeaway in the episode and this really is real talk. First is on privileges. One follower asked if success is actually for the privileged and it was answered as a YES at some point. I agree! Nas can do anything he wants because he’s male. He was born with good parents. He was born without debt. Had he not have those privileges, he won’t be were he is right now. He was one step ahead from those who do not have them as his foot-in-the-door of opportunities. Second takeaway is about failure. He treats them as a pivot, a change course of action instead of a failure and that keeps them going. I know that there are a lot in store for our future given the opportunities coming our way and I will hold on to those two key takeaways, the first one being also my leverage and the second one as part of my motivation (mainly for this blog to fly and reach those who need to read my ramblings. đŸ™‚ )

I love how the podcast turned out and I’m looking forward to other topics that Dear Alyne will discuss. Hope you picked up a thing or two. I highly recommend you to listen to this episode. It was a good jump off.

See you next weekend!

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